The concept of WearWave originated three years ago, when us co-founders, Arya Dixit and Masumi Vyas, concocted a secret ploy to visit Disney World together – the destination for an international business competition. We spun up the idea of radiation free headphones, a concept based on our involvement with a non-profit that advocates for safe technology. After receiving international recognition at the competition, we have further developed the idea, won several other business competitions at both national and international levels, and worked with one of Canada’s top business incubators, the DMZ.  WearWave has released its Beta prototype for user testing. It is also an avid contributor to the university entrepreneurial scenes based on membership in Toronto Metropolitan University’s DMZ and DFZ, Western’s Morrissette Founder’s program and Waterloo’s Cornerstone program. These opportunities have allowed WearWave to develop as a company and have been able to provide us with abundant knowledge and entrepreneurial skill sets.

As for the progress that has been made, our team has currently developed a primary working prototype, and are in the works of printing the secondary prototype that has already been 3D modeled. The team consists of myself and my partner along with a strong board of advisors that include past mentors from business incubators who are successful entrepreneurs. This includes Lara Zink and the former President of Microsoft Canada/ current CEO of C4ST – Frank Clegg.

In early 2022, WearWave was selected to work with a team of six Toronto Metropolitan University students to develop an in-depth marketing study and plan as a part of an Advanced Marketing Planning course taught by Professor John Peco. The study concluded with over 800 respondents from our target market, and we had received strong feedback and great interest in the product itself. As the company grows, we had to also expand our team. Recently, WearWave has partnered up with a Western University entrepreneurship club – W5, to provide internship opportunities for students, having hired a marketing and developer intern.