1. Create a distance between yourself and your devices – do not keep phones in pockets or bras, laptops should not be on laps, and phones should not be placed under pillows or near head at night.
  2. Keep all wireless transmitting devices away from the abdomens of pregnant women.
  3. Power Down devices when not in use.
  4. Never wear smart-watches, or any type of technology directly on your body, as they are constantly emitting radiation directly against your body – this goes for headphones as well.
  5. Enable airplane mode and turn off wifi whenever it is not required – ensure bluetooth is also turned off.
  6. Instead of using Wifi, use Ethernet cables. The network will be faster, more secure, and will reduce radiation exposure.
  7. Whenever possible, use a hardwired connection for your technology. Rather than wireless phones, baby monitors, printers, or gaming consoles, opt for the hard-wire version of these devices.
  8. Purchase radiation-free headphones such as Wave for your children to protect their developing brains


If you would like to read into more about the effects of radiation, below are some great resources to look at.

– Canadians For Safe Technology is a not-for-profit organization that educates and informs Canadians about the dangers of the exposure to unsafe levels of radiation from technology. Visit their website for more information at  and find more research at
– Scientific American links cell-phone radiation to cancer
– A slidedeck from the University of California, Berkeley, explaining the effects of radiation on the brain
– The National Center for Health Research explains the effects of cell-phone and other forms of radiation emitted from modern technology on children,cell%20phone%20radiation%20as%20adults.
– An article from Vesttech explaining the dangers of radiation emitted from typical headphones


Stop 5G for Human and Environmental Safety

5G is the upcoming fifth generation mobile network, following 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Aside from its faster data speeds and fewer network delays, 5G network in dense infrastructure will expose humans to substantial amounts of radiation damage. Health consequences can be substantial as 5G works with higher frequencies and new technology. To prevent the roll-out of 5G and the damages that come along with it, click the links below to read more information and sign their Stop5G petitions (available for all ages):