The rapid increase in the use of technological devices throughout the 21st century has sparked controversy over the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted through devices.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, the average radiofrequency (RF) energy deposition in a child’s developing brain is about two times higher in comparison to their adult counterparts, resulting in damage that is roughly 10 times more harmful to them. Many young parents are aware of this issue and want to make changes to their lifestyles but do not know where to start. WearWave, a B2C social enterprise, provides an optimal solution and helps combat this issue through our radiation-free and customizable headphones for children ages 6-13. Our headphones eliminate 98% of the radiation that is transmitted through typical headphones, using hollow air tubes which send sound waves directly to the ear as opposed to the classic wire. Furthermore, our comfort-plus head strap is expandable, allowing our headphones to grow with your child.

Wave’s customizable feature is WaveWear. WaveWear is the company’s line of interchangeable designs that can easily clip on and off our headphones. This way, we protect your child’s head in style.
If you would like to learn more about radiation safety, please visit these pages: Research Page or Contact Us.

Coming soon! Wave Headphones are radiation-free and customizable headphones that keep your children safe and happy. This top quality and comfortable headphone grows with your child with our expandable head strap.

Coming soon! WaveWear is our line of interchangeable designs that easily clip on and off our Wave Headphones. With WaveWear, your child can customize their Wave Headphones to their liking.